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The online debate formed a vital part of the EGS process. Thinkers from a wide section of society in Europe and beyond contributed to the process through opinion texts. The EGS report built on this debate in forming its arguments on a future strategy for Europe.

Discussions continued following the EGS report release with reactions to the report, and further exploration of specific topics related to a European global strategy.

Thematic special focus during the autumn of 2013:

Europe and global power shifts, exploring i.a. Europe's normative power and what Europeans think of the EU.

The transatlantic link, looking at aspects of TTIP as well as on defence issues.

Cyber and how it relates to a European global strategy for example in the area of security planning.

Opinion texts from the first project year, July 2012-June 2013:

See the Opinion archive, or browse by topic.

The rationale for a European global strategy

Content and structure of a European global strategy

Issues of interest for a European global strategy

Theoretical approaches to a European global strategy

Please note that opinions published on the EGS site express only the views of the individual authors, not of the EGS website or of the organising institutes.