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Hoping to inform, provoke and inspire debate, the EGS process during year one included workshops and seminars on topics related to European external relations. Following the release of the EGS report, authors and organisers were invited to discuss its contents and the way forward in a number of academic and policy settings.

Events following the EGS report release

European cooperation in a changing world, workshop part of the Global Power Shifts conference at The Swedish Institute of International Affairs, 29 August 2013.

The Riga Process: Towards a European Global Strategy, workshop organised by GMF/LATO, 5 September 2013.

Meeting on the prospects for a new strategic document for the EU in light of the December European Council on defence issues held at Fondation pour la recherche strategique and co-hosted with PISM and Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, September 2013.

A Strategy for Europe: What Does it Mean? Carnegie Europe closed Seminar, Brussels, 5 November 2013.

Seminar on EGS, Meetings with the Presidential Advisor for Strategic Affairs and International Security, State Secretary for European Affairs, Interview for national TV, Bucharest 11-13 November 2013.

Towards a European Global Strategy, Washington launch of EGS report hosted by Atlantic Council with Mat Burrows (behind the Global Trends reports) and Rick Holtzapple (Director for European Regional Security, Political, and Military Affairs at the State Department) giving comments, 18 November 2013. EGS material from Washington launch including video interviews.

3rd Berlin Foreign Policy Forum 25-26 November 2013.

6th Annual CFSP Review Conference, Berlin 26-27 November 2013.

Europe: A new reform agenda? ECFR-KAS workshop, London 28 November 2013.


The ESS @10: Revisiting the European Security Strategy 2003, Brussels 10 December 2013.



Events during year one: please follow the links to find material including conference papers, summaries, and video footage

11-12 October 2012: Stocktaking of EU Strategizing. Seminar organized by the Polish Institute of International Affairs, Warsaw.

18 October 2012: How is the EGS process organized, and how can you get involved? Questions & Answers meeting organized by the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI), Stockholm.


13 November 2012: Towards a European Global Strategy: Why, How, and with What Consequences? Seminar organized by the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI), Stockholm.

21-22 January 2013: EU external Action: Priorities and Policies. Seminar organized by Istituto Affari Internazionali, Rome.

25-26 February 2013: The European Union: What Kind of Global Actor? Seminar organized by Real Instituto Elcano, Madrid.

7, 8, 20 March 2013: Seminar series on Trade, Aid, and Energy. Organized by the Swedish Institute of International Affairs.

25-26 March 2013: Instruments and Roadmaps for a European Global Strategy. Seminar organized by the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI), Stockholm.

18 June 2013: A Global Strategy for the EU: next steps. Informal lunch organized by the Polish Institute of International Affairs and hosted by the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).