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The European Global Strategy process was designed to stimulate debate on the future direction of the European Union’s external relations.

In the summer of 2012, four European think tanks were asked to initiate research and debate around a common European strategy in external relations. Read more about the basis for the EGS initiative.


Elcano, IAI, PISM and UI did this in cooperation with more than 20 partners from Europe and around the world in a process that included a series of workshops and conferences alongside an ongoing online debate. In May 2013 the final report: "Towards a European Global Strategy: securing European influence in a changing world”, was presented in Brussels and the respective capitals of the four organisers.

Following the report release, the EGS-project entered a second phase, with the aim of debating the report and the issue areas it deals with as well as digging deeper into a few areas of particular strategic interest. 


Workshops and informal meetings to inform policy makers and academics were held during the autumn of 2013, a time when important questions of Europe’s global role were high on the agenda for politicians and think tanks alike.

The EGS process created a basis and momentum for continued discussion highly relevant not least at the time of the European Parliament elections and appointment of a new EU Commission in 2014.